Honey is a true treasure of health and strength for human beings. It is rich in vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients and constitutes a fast source of energy for the human body. Among the various honey varieties, thyme honey is the most appraised one in terms of quality. It is an intensely aromatic honey with a light, vivid colour, a very pleasant taste and has many medicinal qualities. Thanks to its exceptional quality, it tones up the human body and helps enhance the immune system. It crystallises within 6-18 months from its production, depending on the quality and the conditions, under which it is maintained. In Greece, thyme honey is considered to be the best variety in terms of purity and is renowned all around the world.


The royal jelly is a milky white secretion of bees used to feed the future queen. It is secreted by special glands in the pharynx of worker bees and in this respect it differs from honey, which is not secreted from the body of the bees. Royal jelly is used to feed the bee larvae, which will be fully developed into queen bees. These bee larvae do not initially differ from the larvae that turn into worker bees, but develop into queen bees under the influence of royal jelly. The royal jelly is rich in proteins, amino acids, lipids, vitamins and trace elements. It is broadly accepted that royal jelly is also beneficial to man, and although this might not be scientifically proven, it has increased the demand for this apicultural product, which financially supports apiculture.


Wax and honey have the amazing ability to absorb all kinds of scents from the surrounding environment. It is therefore very interesting to taste a piece of honeycomb and experience for yourself the smoky aroma from the smoker that the bee-keepers had used to subdue the bees, in order to supervise the bee colonies. The most common type of fuel used in a smoker is pine needles. The burnt resin leaves a special scent that sometimes accompanies honey.
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