Pure Honey Fresh from the Honeycomb…

For centuries, the exceptional, pure Cretan thyme honey has been renowned both in Greece and abroad.

n order for the honey to retain all its nutrients, it is essential that the traditional production methods are applied, which unfortunately is not the common practice nowadays. One of the few beekeepers that still uses traditional methods in honey production is Pávlos Filaditákis. He is the continuer of his renowned family enterprise that specialises in the production of pure thyme honey since 1974 using exclusively traditional and natural methods for its production.

"To Haniotiko", our honey, is available in selected stores selling traditional Cretan products. You may have also heard of it from people placing particular emphasis on healthy diet. It is an exceptional, pure honey notable for its production method: Bees are allowed to work undisturbed and fill their honeycombs with honey in pristine regions of South-West Crete, while the producers put all their knowledge and zest in meticulously collecting the honey in the right season, so that they can offer this to you, when it is still rich in valuable nutrients.

We now own our very own state-of-the-art production facility in Kakodíki, the province of Sélino, the prefecture of Haniá, in our effort to offer our customers the purest possible product in the best possible packaging.
        PRODUCTION FACILITY: 73004, D.Kandanou, Palhkariana    SELLING PLACE: Lentariana, Kakopetrou Str.

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